What Should I Wear?

I’m starting to think about what to pack for an upcoming trip with my daughter. I’ll be away only one night, so I know I won’t bring much – but still, I’m not sure. I was talking with my daughter about it this morning as I was driving her to school. At 15, she is still a bit oblivious to fashion anxiety, she wears what she likes and (maybe because she is 5’10” and gorgeous) she looks great in everything, sweatpants included.

“Should I wear the t-shirt? Oh, you should wear that,” I quickly said, not waiting for an answer. She just looked at me, she knows I’m getting excited. And bless her heart, she gives me that, “Oh aren’t you so cute, Mommy,” look that I love (because it’s so much better than the “you are so stupid” look!)

Now, I need to stop here and tell you that the trip we are taking is my Christmas gift. On Christmas morning, I opened a large package with a new suitcase inside (I really wanted the medium sized one – so this is a good thing.)

“Open it!” everyone exclaimed. So, I open the suitcase, and inside is a white envelope. Inside the white envelope is a note. I unfold the note and read words that make me tear up. I’m feeling that “I’m so happy, I’m going to cry,” feeling. I can’t believe what I’m reading: “On January 28, Laura and Erika will fly to St. Louis to be in the front-row at the ICCA Quarter Finals at Washington University in St. Louis featuring the Washington University Stereotypes!” My college son, Danny, is experiencing it for the first time as a freshman member of the group. Since he is a 3-hour plane ride away, this is a big deal!

Now, if you don’t follow A Capella at all, this is the beginning of the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Capella) competition season, specifically, the 2012 Midwest Quarter Final 1.  Last year, the Stereotypes advanced to the ICCA Finals at Lincoln Center in New York City where they place fourth – in the country! It’s hard to tell whether they will place as well again this year, so seeing them at this first round of performances is my chance to see them in competition mode. If they do advance, I’ll be there if I can (Valentine’s day, mother’s day and my birthday are all coming up – hint, hint!)

If you are interested in learning more, the A Capella Blog has lots of great background information to bring you up to speed on this popular collegiate genre, and has a bracket (hey, it’s as big as football!) that you can use to chart your picks.

Back to the question I posed in the headline, what should I wear? I’m a mom, so I guess I need to dress like a mom, but I did buy this great Stereotypes t-shirt – should I wear it? If you don’t think I can pull it off, I’ll let Erika wear it. But, I’m thinking about making some of those big sparkly signs to hold up in the audience……

The Washington University Stereotypes!


5 thoughts on “What Should I Wear?

  1. You could wear the tee shirt to travel in, then something a little dressier for the performances. That way you won’t be THAT mom. 😉

    Have a great time! I love acapella. I was a big fan of the acapella group at my university, and I watch Glee religiously!

  2. I think it be sweet to wear the T-shirt. I think all children secretly wish for their parents to show support and pride when they are concerned. I’m all pro-sparkly signs. But ask your daughter. What does she think you should wear?

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