ICCA A Capella Update

The Washington University Stereotypes won the ICCA Midwest Quarter Final 1- so we’re planning to be at the Semi Finals on March 24 at Washington University in St. Louis. I had a great whirlwind of a trip with my daughter. The guys sang their hearts out, wowing the audience and the judges. There is really nothing like seeing your child (young adult) perform!

If you didn’t follow my saga on Twitter: everything that could go wrong went wrong for us on this trip – but we successfully absorbed all of the bad luck in the area so it didn’t affect the Stereotypes or their performance! (I hadn’t thought of that – another way to support your creative kid – absorb bad luck! Hmmmm…)

Among other things, like, a rental car that smelled like smoke and needed a jump due to a dead battery, our luggage was lost by the airline – so the question of what to wear (read my post) to the performance was not an issue! (The luggage arrived late that night, but it wouldn’t have been cool for me to wear the groupie t-shirt anyway – info stored for future use!) We didn’t make any sparkly signs either – but there were some good ones in the audience:

Monica Kavanaugh and Karena Nguyen cheer for Decadence

The moral of the story? It doesn’t matter what you wear  – the only thing that matters is that you’re there.


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