Support The Arts, Rock, and More In Your Neighborhood

The Center for the Arts in Natick (Massachusetts)

Many towns have something like this – a local arts organization that is run and supported by neighbors. Some are more successful than others, but they survive, just. A few towns over from mine is a great organization and space in an old fire station. It’s known as The Center for Arts in Natick – TCAN for short. I came to know of TCAN when my son’s rock band played at their once a month rock concert – known as Rock Off Main St. Rock Off Main is the longest running all-ages rock venue in the area. For 13 years, rocker mom, Diane Young has organized and hosted the Rock Off Main series of rock shows. The arts center has state of the art sound and lighting along with a cool stage.

Diane, who recently became a grandma, has a vested personal interest in providing music venues to young bands. Both her son and daughter got their start in music on the TCAN stage, and along with her son-in-law, are all now working in music professionally. Diane is the first person to tell you that there just aren’t enough places for talented young musicians to play. She explains that the dedication, work ethic, and talent these kids have is something to encourage – whether they play rock, alternative, metal, or other types of non-traditional music.

Rock Off Main and Diane Young are only two of the reasons I’m glad there’s a vibrant arts center in my neighborhood. I recently received the “Play your part…renew your TCAN membership today!” letter and I plan to renew my $50 Rising Star membership. I’m renewing because organizations like this need me to. I’m renewing because I choose to keep this little haven for the arts going strong in my community.

If you’re inspired and want to check out our local TCAN for yourself, you can view their site here and donate at But, even better, I encourage you to search in your area to find your nearest local arts organization – and support them – they need you.

And, you might not know it yet, but you need them too!

The Center for the Arts in Natick – What I’m getting for my $50 membership :

  • Advance presale for all feature shows
  • Member discount on feature events, children’s classes and workshops
  • New! Ticket exchange
  • Discounts from participating merchants
  • Free admission to annual Member Mixer
  • Free admission to Open Mic
  • Full-color TCAN Program Guide
  • Danforth Museum of Art benefits, including free admission

If you know of a program you would like to see here – please comment below and share a link to the program.


3 thoughts on “Support The Arts, Rock, and More In Your Neighborhood

  1. Yikes! I’m sorry to just now be discovering your kind remarks, Laura! I’m SUCH a rookie blogger, it’s almost ridiculous. Thanks for following our project ~ I too am looking forward to becoming more familiar with you and your work! Please don’t ask any questions you may have. =)

    1. Heidi – so excited that you reblogged my post about TCAN! It is so important to support these organizations. It’s also great to meet another arts advocate! I love what you are doing at The Steam Academy – it sounds so cool! I am following you now and look forward to learning more!

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