Things Teenagers Say: Random or not?

Recently, I was inspired by a fellow blogger who wrote a post about “randoms” – miscellaneous things her little ones said. It was so adorable and reminded me of the days when my kids used to say such cute things.

Two standouts from those days:

  1. “Danny, do you want your hat?”  “No, I’ve got my head.”
  2. “Danny, do you want your shoes?   “No, I’ve got my feet!”

There were other moments, many other moments, of course – but time tends to compact all of those memories. So, I was inspired to keep a log of some of the things my teenagers say – these comments are meaningful in different ways. They show how my teenagers are maturing, and, best of all, that they are still my little ones after all.

Teenage Randoms: (and maybe not so random?)

  1. “Word.” If you are the mother of a teenager – you’ve probably heard this succinct term that sums up so much in four letters. “Word” means “got it, thanks!”  And it is so precise and to the point that I plan on using it if I ever remember to.
  2. “Mom, tuck me in.”  Bed time rituals are such an important part of  childhood. Sometimes we assume our teenagers have outgrown the nighttime prayers, stories, and hugs. I know there have been many nights when my tired teens just brushed their teeth and jumped into bed without saying good night. But my 15-year old daughter (who is six inches taller than me!) often reminds me to tuck her in. She wants me to keep her company while she brushes her teeth, and then fix the covers and turn out the light. Priceless.
  3. “God bless and keep you.” When I was little, I remember my Dad tucking me inand making the sign of the cross on my forehead and saying the words: “God bless and keep you.” I don’t remember when he stopped doing it – but it was such a comforting way to go to sleep.  When my children were born, I started the same ritual with them, making the sign of the cross on their foreheads. I don’t remember when I stopped doing it, but the other night, as I was turning out the light in my daughter’s room, she said to me, “God bless and keep you.”
  4. “Mom, don’t make that face.” Apparently, I sometimes purse my lips together and make an ugly frown when I’m deep in thought. When my middle son sees me doing this, he tells me: “don’t make that face ever again!” I can never recreate the look to his satisfaction, so I have never seen this for myself, but it must be pretty bad. I am actually flattered, though, that he is noticing how I look – I think. Word.

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