Taylor Swift Kissed My Nephew!

Taylor Swift Kissed My Nephew!

That’s right! That’s my young nephew (the adorable blond) with Taylor Swift who stopped to give him a huge kiss during a concert last summer. My nephew is a big fan of music on YouTube and of Taylor Swift in particular. This was his first concert EVER and a birthday present.

Notice how the security guards are holding back the fans so Taylor and the little blondie can have their moment! Notice his little hand holding on tight to her back and the priceless satisfied smile on his face. Notice also my brother’s face; he’s enjoying the moment just as much as his son, maybe more!

I’ve been writing about going to concerts with your kids a lot lately and I felt this was another dimension I just needed to share. Concerts are joyful experiences where you interact with your favorite artists. You sway, you clap, you cheer. And this photo epitomizes why we love concerts so much. There is a slight chance that we might get close to a star, feel drops of sweat splash onto our arm, catch a thrown t-shirt or guitar pick. And who hasn’t dreamed of being kissed? I just feel sorry for my brother and his wife. My nephew is awfully young, how do you manage his expectations for the next concert?


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