Some Advice: Time, love and hugs.

Time, love and hugs.

Just think about those three things for a minute.

My father died at the age of 52 many years ago. As a result, Father’s Day is a bitter sweet day for me. I don’t have any more time with my father, although I remember many of our times together. I can’t give him any more hugs, but I actually remember some of them. I would smell his cologne and feel his crisp shirt and suit under my embrace. It’s really a comforting memory but to be honest, it’s something I haven’t dared think about until I started writing this post. Time with my Dad is in the past, but I’ll always have the hugs and the love.

In my mind, there are no better ingredients for being a good father: time, love and hugs. My husband is a great father – and I know I am so lucky. He always makes these three things a priority:

On the golf course

Time: My boys are watching the US Open on TV. Dad is seated on the left, Justin is in the middle, and Danny in on the right. They’re sharing their time, sitting close on the couch – and loving every minute! Beau is a big favorite and they’re happily cheering him on – he’s a 17-year-old amateur who is competing to become the youngest winner of the US Open.

Love: The love is there. Love of golf; love of spending some down-time together on a Father’s Day Sunday. And they love being together. My husband always makes sure the boys love being with him and with each other. The activity may be watching TV, playing golf, or going fly-fishing, but they love to do it together when they can.

Hugs: Seeing my boys close on the couch in front of the TV is like witnessing a big TV, couch, guy-hug. They are caught up in the moment of being together, being close, and enjoying themselves.

Value the time you have together. Give your kids your time, your love and hugs. It’s really all they want. Think about that when you tuck your kids in tonight. They’ll always remember.


4 thoughts on “Some Advice: Time, love and hugs.

    1. You are so right! We are definitely a “huggy” family – I even hug my kids friends when I greet them. No one seems to mind and many hold on longer than you might expect!

  1. I live for those 3 things for my girls. They are the first thing I look for in the morning and the first thing coming home from work. Your post reminds me not take any of them for granted. 🙂

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