YOLO! And Other Things Teenagers Say…

Let’s face it – teenagers say lots of things we can’t repeat! They are testing their independence, their intelligence, and their hormones! But, there are some endearing things they say that still allow us to be a part of their ever-expanding world. Those quips, lyrics and inside jokes are priceless – make note and remember them when you’re wrestling over curfews or room cleanings!

Here is the latest list of things my teenagers say. Read carefully, there are subtle nuances that you don’t want to miss:

  1. “YOLO” – “You Only Live Once!” – YOLO is not only the subject of a hit song – “The Motto” by Drake Featuring Lil Wayne – it also summarizes my daughter’s view of life’s experiences. At every turn, she responds, “YOLO!” But YOLO is more a “CARPE DIEM” attitude and not a challenge to act recklessly. During our recent stay in NYC, her response to every question was YOLO! Shopping in the rain – YOLO! Stay up late – YOLO!
  2. “You didn’t just say that!” – If it’s embarrassing or out-dated, my teenagers will double-check to see if I’ve lost all touch with reality. They seem to want confirmation that I do have my wits about me and I’m not approaching senility. This comment is in response to something awful like: “that’s the bees knees,” or another similar comment (but I don’t really say “bees knees,” that’s just an example).
  3. “Did you just say….?” – This appears to be the same question as above, but there is a subtle difference in intonation resulting in an entirely different meaning. This is also a check-in comment, but this is confirmation that what I said is cool! My son might ask, “Did you just say “YOLO”?” (for instance). When I smile and say “yes,” I get a nod and a smile back – this is a good thing and means I’m still with it. (But saying “with it” is probably not cool and one of those things they would follow with “you didn’t just say that!” So confusing, I know!)
  4. “You’re so annoying!” – As cool as I am one day, there comes the next day when I am instantly annoying, and stupid, and ignorant, and oh so many other things! Apparently, I am most annoying when I say “no” or “clean your room” or “don’t leave your sneakers and dirty socks on the counter.” Go figure.
  5. “Mom, can you make me a sandwich?” – OK, I know they are completely old enough and capable of making a sandwich on their own (and often do) but when my teenagers ask in that sweet ‘I-still-love-you-because-you-are-my-mommy’ voice, how can I resist? Besides, later in the day I know I’m going to be annoying, so YOLO! Time to make a sandwich!
YOLO – who needs sunscreen?

4 thoughts on “YOLO! And Other Things Teenagers Say…

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  2. Hi Laura, I saw the term ‘yolo’ used in another blog and I have to admit I never heard it before. I had no idea what it meant! The blog made it sound like it is used too much leaving me waaaaay behind. 😦 Thanks to you I am hip again! I made note about the other terms too. YOLOSMIC! (YOLO So Make It Count)

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