Will you give – and be thankful?
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With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, I started to think about the second part of that word – “giving.” It’s important to be thankful for what we have – and yes, we “give” thanks on this day of national pause, but it’s just as important to “give” during the holidays. To give simply for the sake of it. Choose a cause, write a check, and feel good. If you can, give a lot and give to the same organization year after year. Start a relationship – make it an extension of yourself. The cause you support will be so thankful – and you’ll be glad you gave.

My son, Danny, now in his sophomore year of college, was the one to teach me the purity of that word “give.” The year he taught me the “giving” lesson, he was in the fifth grade.  The holiday season had begun and as usual, we began to talk about Christmas lists and wishes. “What would you like for Christmas? Let’s make a list. What would you like to buy for your brother and sister? Don’t forget your grandparents….” This was the way I chattered on, trying to engage him in the holiday planning and gift giving. But Danny, as was his way, was deep in thought unaffected by my chatter about the promises of gifts and packages. His quietness made me stop. I might have been driving, or working in the kitchen as I paused, I don’t really remember. But I’ll never forget his response to me: “Mom, I’m not really about the receiving this year. I’m all about the giving.”

This Thanksgiving, be about the giving too. You’ll be that much more thankful.


9 thoughts on “Will you give – and be thankful?

    1. Thanks for commenting. It was such an amazing year for him – he also saved/earned the most money in his class for their sister school in Africa and was so proud of that! Obviously, the teacher had a great impact on him!

  1. Great reminder! I have experienced the joy of giving as much as I can to one organization in the last few years…it is wonderful to know my gifts are making a real difference all year round. What a wonderful thing to say that “I’m all about giving” !Thank you

  2. I love the giving end of the holidays, whether gifts, time, or spirit. I think the ‘recieving’ leaves us after high school like your son. We were talking about our kids visiting Santa oveer this weekend and my oldest said she wnted to make and give Santa a card that day. I reminded her ‘Santa’ also like oookies.

    1. It’s great when we see our kids being generous – when they just seem to “get it” – right? Enjoy the visit to Santa – my kids were always a little creeped out by that guy at the mall, but it’s a fun tradition!

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