Three Ways to Get Inspired

Three Ways to Get Inspired

Imagine – Find Your Purpose and Make a Difference. That’s the theme for this year’s Massachusetts Conference for Women on Thursday, December 6, 2012 – and it has also inspired my story.

Last year, I was a blogger with an idea. I attended the conference hoping to find inspiration, validation and confidence. The Mass Conference for Women delivered. This year, I am exhibiting at the conference as the founder of a non-profit organization and website . Here’s what I’ve learned in the last year. It’s my list of three ways to get inspired, find your purpose and make a difference:

  1. Get out and Reach out – Working on your idea, business, or project alone at home can zap creativity, imagination and inspiration. Get out of the house, eat lunch with friends or people who inspire you. Pick someone who you’re a little afraid to call – she’ll probably say yes and offer all kinds of advice, encouraging your ideas at the same time. This worked for me – I just had to get out of the house and reach out. In addition to attending the Mass Conference for Women each year, I plan to make this a special part of each week going forward.
  2. Write your book jacket cover – Even if you’re not an author or writer, take a stab at writing the book jacket summary to your life. This is an objective way of writing your bio, your story. You should depict yourself in the way you would like others to view you.  You are pretty cool when you take a step back and look at what you’ve accomplished. Share it with a friend for feedback and then keep it handy. Read it from time to time to remind yourself how great you are! As Thien-Kim Lam told me last year during a social media audit at the conference, “you are an expert at what you know!”
  3. Make your dreams a priority – We are all so busy and, if we have families, we are pulled in even more directions. Usually our individual needs are sacrificed or side-lined at best. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, remember your dreams and give them some attention. Last year I opened a fortune cookie to reveal these words of wisdom: “Organize your life around your dreams — and watch them come true.” I taped it to my computer keyboard and there it sits, reminding me to make my dreams the priority.

Now it’s your turn: Imagine — Find Your Purpose and Make a Difference. You know you can.


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