Some Things People Need to Know About Band

I’ve written about supporting your child’s band – even being the “band manager” – but that’s not the whole story. Read this repost from a mom who supports her child’s band – marching band that is!

All We Have to Decide is What to Do With the Time That is Given Us

Back in the day—don’t fall asleep!! It’s not one of those kinds of stories!!—it used to be cool to say “I’m with the band,” because for the most part, that meant you were a roadie or a groupie, or a friend of the band, hanging around to help out, move things, or provide all sorts of moral and immoral support.

But that’s not the kind of band I want to talk about here. No, this band is the high school band; in the fall, it is the marching band, focus of half-time shows at football games, and the highlight of most parades (unless you happen to like the politicians or the screaming fire trucks, that is). In the spring it is the Concert Band and the Jazz Band. And for the longest time, it really wasn’t “cool” to admit you were with that band (marching, concert, or jazz), and that’s…

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2 thoughts on “Some Things People Need to Know About Band

  1. Thanks for reblogging this post, Laura! It was also picked up by the National Association of Music Parents, which is also exciting. Everyone should know as much as possible about up and coming musicians, and our band students certainly fall into that category! Music rocks 🙂

  2. We had an award winning band in high school. It went to States, Nationals and a Thanksgiving Day parade one year. it had easily 3x the members of our struggling football team. They did a great job which I perceive comes from great leadership. Faculty, students and Mom’s and Dad’s.

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