Zombies Want to Put You To The Test

Will you be ready?

It might surprise you that I am really into zombies. By that I mean that I love stories, shows or movies that feature humans facing a zombie apocalypse. (or any apocalypse!) Sometimes I can even convince my teenagers to watch with me!

For me, it’s not the zombies I love (come on, they’re gross!), but the struggle itself and what it says about the character of the people who are facing them.

Decisions must be made quickly during a zombie attack – there is no time for planning or strategy. This is when a person’s character is tested. When zombies strike, many are killed – often death comes to those who make the wrong choice or a bad decision. Death also comes to heroes who sacrifice themselves for others.

What would you do?

Top Five Summer Zombies

At the crux of every zombie story is the ultimate question: what would you do? What would you do at the end of the world when the zombies smell your flesh and salivate for your brains? Would your character hold up to the challenge? I guess I’m not sure about mine – so I continue to seek out zomie-esque stories so I can ponder the question another time.

My Top Five

Last weekend I saw World War Z in 3D with my son – he’s the only other person I know who will watch just about anything. We both loved the movie and it got me thinking about other movies with a similar theme and prompted me to create the following list.

So if you’re like me and you want to test your character, you can consult the following list of my top favorite “end of the world” stories. Let me know if I’ve missed any of your top picks!

  1. I Am Legend – One of my all-time favorite actors, Will Smith, in one of my all-time favorite movies, is the only survivor in NYC.
  2. World War Z – I was eager to see this movie in theatres as soon as I heard about it! I have not read the book so didn’t make any comparisons. I enjoyed the opening scene and appreciated the lack of gore in this flick.
  3. The Walking Dead – TV Series on AMC – Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the series is a morality tale with its focus on survival and the choices we make. More graphic than most. Click here to watch the trailer:  The Walking Dead
  4. War of the Worlds – Tom Cruise is very believable as an irresponsible Dad who faces aliens and evil doers at every turn!
  5. 2012 – The context for this movie is different, but it provides a thought-provoking twist. What will the governments of the world do?

How did you do? Did you survive?


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