Saying Goodbye

It’s that time again.

There’s a hint of cool and crisp in the air.

We’re shopping for school clothes and supplies.

My husband is putting the athletic schedule on the family calendar and talking about how to divide up our time.

It’s August.

It’s technically a summer month,  but I know better.

August is really the gateway to fall – to school – and to goodbyes.

We’re all feeling it here at my house. That pending sense of excitement and loss.

My mother-in-law tells me each year how much she hates fall. Fall meant sending her boys to school again – and saying goodbyes each morning. She liked having her boys close, at home. And she liked the freedom of summer.

I understand.

But for me, fall starts this month. August.

On August 16, my first born drove his new car out to St. Louis  and started his fall semester of college as a junior. We’ll see him, we’ll Skype, we’ll text and Snapchat – but when he left, we said goodbye.  And he was gone.

Goodbye comes again next week when my middle son starts college as a freshman.

We’ve been through this before, but it won’t matter.

We’ll say goodbye and leave him with a quick hug.

It won’t be enough.

But it will have to be enough.

And we’ll drive home and we’ll think about him.

And even though it’s still August – we’ll look forward to next summer.

college campus


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I relate to you and your mother-in-law. I was one of a handful of parents in my neighbourhood who felt sad when the kids went back to school. Summer was such a great time for family connection with no routines. Now, with adult children leaving home it is bittersweet. Exciting changes for them and transition to a new phase in life for us. 🙂

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