Stay in Touch

It’s been a few weeks since Saying Goodbye. And we are doing just fine.

We’re all busy – but we’re finding ways to stay in touch. Most of the time, we initiate the contact. But sometimes, our college boys reach out with a text or a call.

So far:

  • Dad gets the texts/calls about sports gear and courses;
  • I get the text/calls about laundry.

I don’t mind – at least we are staying in touch and they sound happy!

And according to a discussion I heard on NPR, staying in touch is the most important way for college students to avoid the tsunami of circumstances that can contribute to depression.

Stay in touch

If you’re thinking they’ll be fine because they are surrounded by people – think again. You know your student best – their new friends are just getting to know them. It’s important for you to stay in touch:

  • Did your college student tell you not to text him or her? According to the experts – don’t listen! Keep texting.
  • Phone calls are good – but try texting first, and set an appointment to talk at a time that works for both of you.
  • Discover new technology – there are lots of other fun ways to stay in touch that successfully keep you in front of your college students without appearing overbearing! Try setting a time to video chat via Skype. Or, surprise your student bstay in touchy learning to send silly photos via Snapchat or make and share looping videos via Vine.

You’ve never texted and you think your child will laugh at you if you start sending Snapchats? Good! That is exactly the point. Connect over some silly nonsense and see how your student responds! Let’s face it, we parents can be intense: how are your classes, are you getting along with your roommate? Are you getting enough sleep? Why don’t you call us? Of course they are going to avoid our calls.

Good for us!

I didn’t hear the experts talk about what the parents are experiencing, but I can speak with authority that these techniques also help us with the tsunami of loneliness that can strike at any time. There’s nothing like opening a Snapchat photo of your son sitting on his bed in his room with the caption “goodnight” below his face!

Stay in touch. I like how that sounds. It suggests a connection. A feeling of warmth. Something that is unbroken.

So far – staying in touch is working for us.


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