Peepin’ the swag and other musings

Rainbow - Peepin' the swagOver the New Year break, I had a great vacation with my family and a much needed mental rest. While away, we encountered everything from beautiful weather to cancelled flights – but through it all, we managed to have fun.

For me, it was a chance to reconnect with my college boys. My middle son finished his first semester at college and I really missed his sense of humor. I’ve also missed his unusual vocabulary – a major source for “things teenagers say!”

Cool mom or uncool mom?

But before we started chatting in secret code, I had to take a little alone time to decompress. On our first sunshiny day of vacation, I took my book (I actually read two!) headed to a comfy beach chair and enjoyed the sun. For the most part, my kids did the same – stretching out, being lazy and reading books. When they got hot, they jumped in the pool and spent the rest of the day playing ball games and jumping games in the pool. Personally, I’d rather take a quick dip to cool off. I’m not known for swimming when we go on vacation, and I’m most assuredly not know for playing games in the pool.

I realize this is boring. Apparently, it is also uncool. My kids threatened me with being an ‘uncool’ mom if I didn’t join them in the pool (what distinction could be worse?). I was formulating my response when I was surrounded by my kids. They sandwiched me with their bodies and walked me down the pool ramp into the deep end – with all of us laughing and screaming (ok, I was doing the screaming). Minutes later, I was a cool mom again – and definitely happier for it!

Secret language

Now that I had passed the cool mom test, I was allowed into my teenagers’ verbal inner circle! Conversation was lighter, funnier. Loud music was playing and we were all singing along and acting silly. (Ah, vacation – where for art thou?)

Here are the two main phrases I caught up on while spending time with my 18 year old – we even used our ‘secret language’ with each other in front of my eldest son, 21, and he didn’t understand what we were talking about! How cool is that?

  • Peepin’ the swag – “Hey mom, are you gonna peep the swag while we swim?” asked my son  when we went to the beach one day. Translation: “Mom, will you watch our stuff while we swim?” Get it? Peep = watch; swag = stuff. (And of course I peeped the swag!)
  • Sleeping – I know, sounds like a regular word but this is what my son said to me: “Hey mom, you know what? Most people are sleeping on the 80s! Not me, I’m not sleeping on the 80s!” Translation: “Lately I’ve really been enjoying music from the 80s. Most people my age don’t listen to this kind of music.” Pretty simple right?

For this article, I double checked with my son on the usage. Here is the comical text exchange:

Me: Hi, how are you? Are people sleeping on the 80s, snoozing on the 80s or both? Let me know!

Son: I’m good and I’m sure they’re still sleeping. Someone’s gotta set an alarm.

Me: Hahaha – I’ll peep your swag until they open their eyes!

Son: Haha ok thanks mom.

The moral of the story

No matter what age your children are, remember to engage with them whenever you can. If your child likes to play with trains, sit on the floor and build a train track. Forget the laundry and the grocery store and keep playing. And when your children are pushing 20, keep engaging with them – your time together is so limited. Put down the book, put your hair in a pony tail – and jump in! The water is fine…and oh so cool!


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