What I Want for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, there are lots of ways to show your love and appreciation for mom.

You can send flowery cards with hearts and sweet sentiments. You can buy decadent chocolates, make dinner reservations, or vacuum the living room. You can send expensive roses or hand-deliver flowers chosen with care. You can call, text or email – remembering your one and only mom.

I believe the best way to show your love – at any time of year – is to give an all-out, soul-baring, love-you-to-the-moon-and-back, and-I’m-not-letting-go hug! I think your mom will agree!

Kitty hug
My cat wishes he could give me a hug!

Do you know the kind of hug I mean? These are the kinds of hugs that are given when a spouse returns home from a long tour of duty in the military; when families are reunited after years apart, or when a child is rescued from a burning building. Highly emotional moments like this elicit the tightest of hugs.

When I was much younger, I wondered why after months or years apart, reunited lovers would embrace for what seemed like an eternity before they got down to the kissing. However, now that I am an older hugger, I understand why hugs come before kisses. The embrace is connection. It is warmth, it is comfort. It is the way to feel the person’s soul. The kiss is good too, but really secondary.

And, as Mother’s Day 2014 approaches, I realize there is no reason to wait for these rare, emotionally charged moments. The strongest of hugs are meant to be shared in the same way conversation is meant to be shared – freely and often! This year, all I want is to feel that connection with my loved ones.

You see, I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer in February and I’ve given her my last hug. I told her I loved her and I did all I could to help her pass. I don’t have any regrets, but I won’t be able to give her a hug on Mother’s Day this year.

Instead, I’m looking forward to big hugs from my husband and family. It’s not so much about the tightness, but about the utter surrender – the best hugs are from those who say with their embrace that they love you to the moon and back and will never let you go.

So, what do I want for Mother’s Day? Don’t let go until I’m ready – there is no rush. Just hold me awhile.

Time with mom is so short. Perfect your best hug – and hold her awhile.

Mother's Day
Love you Mom!

4 thoughts on “What I Want for Mother’s Day

  1. All the firsts after losing a mom are so hard. What I would give to hug my mom one more time and this will be my 3rd Mother’s Day without her. There is nothing like a good hug to fill me right up. I agree – there are few better gifts. 🙂

  2. I’d love to give my mom a deep, meaningful hug this Mother’s Day, and she’d love that too, but she lived too far away. I do totally embrace (pun, pun) the concept you present here. Great post!

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