Parent as band manager

Parent as Band Manager

Parent as band manager
(c)Mike Carvin

Dear Parent: If your teen is already playing music in the basement with his friends and they have several cover songs and a few original tunes, they’re probably getting sick of playing for each other with only the spiders (and you) for an audience. They want to find a gig! If you want to help them, then (Congrats!) you are the Band Manager. Welcome to Parent as Band Manager – the series by Laura Lamere!

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Guest Author: Parent Band Manager

Chris Gowland
Chris Gowland

Guest author, Chris Gowland,  is an experienced Parent Band Manager for TheCranks. He’s managed and produced them since their start in 2006. Chris’ work with the band has been an archetype of an indie band do-it-yourself success model – developing their online presence, distribution, producing and publishing two CD’s, and booking more than 100 gigs for them to date.

The Digital Recording Guidebook by Chris Gowland:


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