Parent as band manager

Parent as Band Manager 102

Dear Parent: You’re probably excited to see the progress your son or daughter is making with his or her independent music endeavors and songwriting. Who knew piano lessons at 9 years old would lead to this creative energy, right?

Naturally, you want to support your musician and find ways to help him grow. Enter Pavoh and their website, Started in Massachusetts, Pavoh is a non profit with the mission to connect musicians with resources, performances, and opportunities; helping youth find their voice through music.Parent as Band Manager

It is a unique organization helping both youth and their parents navigate the overwhelming New England music scene. You’ll find tips on the Pavoh blog, contests to help improve skills and visibility, gigs and networking opportunities. You don’t have to support your musicians alone – join the growing community of music parents today!

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Congrats! You’ve completed Parent as Band Manager 102! 

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