Worst Gig

Parent As Band Manager 104

If you’re one of those parents who has found a few gigs for your talented musician and his friends, you’re well on your way to becoming the Band Manager – awesome!

You may also have more than one story to tell about how the gig went. Tons of screaming fans or 10-12 of your family and friends? Professional lighting and sound or blinding spot lights and ear-piercing feedback? Not all gigs are amazing and it’s important to remember that when managing expectations with your client (your teenagers!)

Welcome to Parent as Band Manager – The Series. This is part four in a series of articles for parents about helping young musicians get out of the garage and find a gig. Is this you? Then congrats, you are the Band Manager! Click on the “Parent as Band Manager” tab for other articles.

I’ve had some experience with high school rockers who dream about the perfect gig: a packed house and lots of cash; then realize they’re just lucky to be playing…anywhere! Chris Gowland, Band Manager Dad for The Cranks (and guest author) agrees: “There is no such thing as a bad gig.” What he means is that all gigs are experiences. Go in, set up, and play. Appreciate the opportunity to play out, and have low expectations.

However, crazy things can and do happen at gigs and it may be comforting to know that ALL musicians experience a bad gig once in a while. Some are bad enough to be classified and categorized on the website: The Worst Gig. It is a real website – Worstgig.com – written by music journalist Jon Niccum.

With categories like: Dangerous Malfunctions; Wrong Venue; Insane Fans; Ill Communication; Violence; Mother Nature’s Wrath; Oops; and It’s All Good, this website is the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly of musicianship and touring. (Niccum performed as a guitarist and bassist before becoming a jounalist. Read his Worst Gig story here.)

Worst Gig

Jon Niccum was Entertainment Editor at the Lawrence Journal-World, Music Editor at The Pitch, Kansas City’s leading alternative weekly, and is a frequent entertainment contributor to the Kansas City Star.

Since 1998, Niccum has been asking touring musicians the question, “What is the worst show you’ve ever played?” “There are a million stories of hardship, regret, mistakes and mishaps that can make up the landscape of life as a touring musician,” Niccum explains on Worstgig.com. “This is a collection of those stories from some of the most influential musicians of our time, told in their own words for your entertainment.”

Have a story of your own? The Worst Gig invites you to submit your true, personal worst gig story to: submissions@worstgig.com.

Be sure to tell us about it too! What was your worst gig? The Comment section is waiting below…

(Quotes used with permission from Jon Niccum.)


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